Basic principles of radiation oncology and critical review of current literature is enhanced through clinical radiation oncology conferences and courses for the residents.

Biostatistics Class 
A monthly class is provided for residents to prepare them for their written board examinations.

Radiobiology and Physics Classes
Weekly classes are designed to provide residents with information they need to perform during residency and to prepare them for their written board examinations.

Article Repository
The resident will present two classic radiation oncology articles in preparation for Morning Report on Friday.  Crucial information from the article regarding the trial will be included onto a spreadsheet located on the shared drive with a hyperlink to a copy of the article for future access by residents and faculty.

Chart Rounds
Residents will present cases, diagnosis, stage and plan at the weekly departmental chart rounds.

Faculty or Invited Speaker Presentations
Faculty or Invited Speaker Presentations will include topics of educational nature to the residents from department faculty as well as guests from the University, campus hospitals, or visiting professors.  When possible, the presentation will coincide with the topic of the block currently being covered on the didactic schedule. 

Journal Club
With a focus on the current topic of the didactic block, articles recently published (within the past 3 months) in a major journal and approved by the chief resident will be presented for discussion.  Presentations will include background, purpose, materials/methods, results, and discussion of the trial.

Morning Report
Resident will prepare a presentation on the assigned topic including epidemiology, etiology, pathology, pathways of spread, diagnosis, work-up, treatment options, important studies and trials, and details of radiation treatment planning. 

M&M Conference
Morbidity and Mortality (M&M) Conferences provide an opportunity to review cases that resulted in an unintended consequence secondary to radiation treatment. Presentation of an M&M case will include a summary of patient’s medical history, pertinent imaging and pathologic studies, treatment related procedures, and therapeutic measures to remedy the M&M. An important aspect of this presentation is the timeframe within which the radiation adverse effects in question have occurred. Using treatment planning software, the presentation will provide detail of the technical aspects of XRT including simulation films, plans and dose volume histograms especially those related to the tumor as well as to the affected normal structure, followed up by an extensive review of the particular issue that is being discussed.  Literature will be presented to include possible reasons the particular M&M occurred and suggestions for prevention in the future.  Cases to be presented include unexpected treatment breaks, unexpected toxicity, and deaths under treatment.

New Patient Conference
The resident will prepare a presentation of a complete case they have experienced, from chief complaint to the treatment plan used.  The presentation will include all pertinent imaging, surgery, and pathology as well as staging and relevant studies providing evidence to support form of treatment. After the case is presented, the treatment plan will be reviewed and discussed.

Oral Board Reviews
The last week of each block will have an oral board review session conducted by the faculty member responsible for treating the specific disease site.  Review of cases will focus on anatomy, pathology, clinical work-up and evaluation, staging, selection of treatment modalities, radiation planning and techniques, complications of treatment with emphasis on effects of RT on normal tissues, and significant previously reported trials.  Residents are expected to perform according to their year of training.

Tumor Boards
Residents attend the various multidisciplinary Tumor Boards attended by the faculty member with whom they are rotating.

*Conferences are subject to change without notice.