Year 3

In their third year, residents are expected to be more independent with respect to the simulation of patients, on-treatment patient management, and clinical aspects of disease sites; however, they always have faculty supervision. It is understood that the third year resident will direct attention towards preparation for the ABR written examination in physics and radiobiology.

Specific aims of Year 3:

  • To demonstrate a thorough understanding of the radiotherapy process and accept responsibility for the care and treatment of all patients assigned to the service;
  • To provide thorough and accurate instruction to the technical staff regarding patient immobilization, simulation, treatment planning and delivery of patients under his/her care and monitor these processes with little need for correction;
  • To develop treatment plans (including target and normal tissue delineation) on patients with little need for faculty correction;
  • To demonstrate familiarity and understanding of the use of special radiotherapy procedures including interstitial brachytherapy and unsealed sources;
  • To understand the needs of patients including pediatric and geriatric, as well as those in-between;
  • To demonstrate an understanding of the natural history, workup, treatment options, radio-therapeutic management and outcome of most major cancer sites;
  • To demonstrate a thorough understanding of the early and late normal tissue effects from radiation, chemotherapy and combined treatment approaches;
  • To demonstrate understanding of the principles of effective and efficient patient care and how to avoid tests and procedures that are not supported by the literature;
  • To demonstrate leadership in terms of overall interaction with faculty, administration and clinic staff as well as  involvement in the education of medical students and junior residents.