Year 4

The fourth year resident should be functioning independently with regard to all aspects of patient care and with infrequent faculty correction. At the conclusion of the fourth year, the resident will have met all of the requirements necessary to become board certified in the field of Radiation Oncology.

Specific aims of Year 4:

  • To demonstrate mastery of all major oncologic specialties (surgical, medical and radio-therapeutic) and their role in the treatment of the oncology patient;
  • To demonstrate mastery of the natural history, workup, treatment options, radio-therapeutic management and outcome of all major cancer sites;
  • To demonstrate knowledge of all special radiotherapy procedures;
  • To meet the training requirements set forth by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education for board eligibility;
  • To demonstrate sufficient professional ability to practice competently and independently;

To perform all of the following in a satisfactory manner:

  • Patient Care: Technical Skills, Clinical Competence, and Patient Management;
  • Medical Knowledge: Basic Medical Knowledge (see Year 1);
  • Practice-Based Learning and Improvement;
  • Interpersonal and Communication Skills: Physician/Patient Relationship;
  • Professionalism: Sense of Responsibility, Ethical Conduct, Cooperativeness and Ability to work with others; and
  • Systems-Based Practice: Record Keeping.

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